Consulting Services.

This is a very challenging time for business both big and small. A sluggish economy coupled with all the normal, day to day challenges makes achieving your financial results difficult. You may feel like you are spinning your wheels, putting out fires, and putting in more hours than ever, only to see the same results month after month. Your employees may feel frustrated and unfulfilled. Your efforts and your people may be unfocused.

If this situation sounds familiar, you are not alone. All of us in the business world have faced this, and there is only one way to get back on track to achieve results, achieve balance, and build a successful culture for long term success.

Here’s how we can help. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a 1-2 hour assessment meeting that will cost you nothing. We’ll go through a series of questions that will help us understand where your business is, how it got there, where you want it to go, roadblocks, and the resources (both financial and human) you have to bring about change and improvement. We will then digest this information and make a determination of whether we feel we can be of real benefit to your company. If we know we can, we’ll talk about next steps. Sound reasonable?

If we decide to work together to improve your business, we won’t bombard you with fancy charts, graphs, PowerPoint presentations and the like. We will collaborate with you to develop achievable solutions and execution plans that will provide immediate positive impact to your organization. We will work together quickly to develop the right plans and corrective action to put you on the right course. After all, we all should be in a hurry to get better, right?

We can be reached at 239-561-2584

Dan Wright serves our company as a Consultant for small and large businesses. Dan is a 30 year veteran in the cable and telecommunications industry. During his career Dan led marketing, sales, new business development, advertising sales and commercial production, budgeting and forecasting, strategic planning, customer care and operational teams in small operations and in operations with revenues exceeding $500MM annually.